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About Park Slope Parents

Park Slope Parents (PSP) is a community of 5500+ families in Brooklyn, NY. Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2017, its members have shared advice on everything from choosing childcare to camps, hairdressers to healthcare, and coping with teething, terrible twos, and tweens.

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Here's what our members say about Park Slope Parents:

  • "PSP is up there for me with Amazon Prime, Instacart, my therapist, and wine: LIFE SAVERS!!"
  • "I’ve gotten a lot of emotional and practical support from this group over the years… you should know that the community has helped me in so many ways, and I’m super grateful for you and your work…You’ve managed to create a space where – from what I can tell – people feel licensed to show and be their best selves in the name of helping one another. It’s really wonderful. Thank you!"
  • "I need my PSP!"

With over 75 different online groups, PSP is stronger than ever. In addition to the popular Advice, Classifieds, and Career Networking group, PSP has grown to include more intimate settings such as:

  • Online and offline support for parents dealing with illness, divorce, aging parents, and raising children without your own mother.
  • 20+ Career sub-groups (e.g., law, tech, art, marketing, fashion, working moms) where members network, meet, mingle, and advance their careers.
  • Discounts for more than 1,000 local businesses (explore the full list here)

Park Slope Parents also provides:

  • A free public website with community resources, local business reviews and 1000s of parenting tips. 
  • Traveling advice based on parents’ direct experiences, including best practices for flights, motion sickness, passports, and jet lag. 

PSP has become instrumental to the Brooklyn community and has been featured in the NY Times, NPR, New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and other media.

Other useful links:

  • Our Story-  Information about our history, moderators, press coverage of Park Slope Parents and more 
  • Advertise with Us-  The Park Slope Parents website is advertiser supported.
  • Get Help -  Information, FAQs and guidelines to help you navigate both our site and our Yahoo! Groups.
  • Contact Us- Drop us a line to ask questions, give us feedback, or otherwise say howdy!
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