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Park Slope Parents is the go to resource for parenting in Park Slope, Brooklyn and the surrounding environs.


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Park Slope Parents
is open to current and soon-to-be parents in Park Slope and the surrounding neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Members become part of a thriving community dedicated to supporting each other through the challenges, joys, and absurdities of parenthood in all its forms.


Membership benefits:

  • Access to our Big Yahoo! Groups, including Advice/Community & Classifieds. (Signing up for these groups requires a special joining process.)
  • Access to our Specialty Groups for online and in-person gatherings with people who share your interests. Groups include Stay at Home Moms, Cooking, Tweens, SDS (Separated/Divorced/Single) Parents, LGBTQ, Bilingual groups and more.
  • Joining Our Pregnancy and Baby Groups.  Get help with other new parents going through what you're experiencing.  We've been helping new parents embark on the journey of parenthood for more than a decade.
  • Career Help. Not only do we have our General Career Networking Group we also have more than 20 career subgroups (e.g., law group, fashion group, small business, fine arts tech group, and more).
  • Discounts for more than 600 local businesses (explore the full list here).

How do I join?

  • Step 1: Submit an application. We'll respond quickly-- usually within 24 hours. (Multi-year memberships save time and money!)

  • Step 2 : Sign up for your Specialty Groups during the membership process (and baby groups). Once you're a member you'll be automatically joined to the Interest Groups. If you asked to join a pregnancy/baby group you receive a welcome message from the groups moderator.
  •  Step 3: Sign up for the Yahoo! Groups (Access to our Yahoo! groups is not automatic upon payment). Go to the following pages and click "Join this Group."
Join the PSP Yahoo Advice Group

IMPORTANT: We can no longer ADD people to our Yahoo! groups and the invitations we send from Yahoo! usually end up in spam. We do try to invite you if you don't join yourself. If you do not receive an invitation within 48 hours of payment email  

  • Step 4: Pay your membership fee after you receiving you're "you've been approved" message. (You'll then have access to the specialty groups and we can approve you on Yahoo!)



Special circumstances?

If you’d like to join but can’t afford the full membership fee, click here to let us know and we’ll work something out.