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Daycare & Education

Guide to Finding and Securing Daycare: With explainers on the different types of childcare, tips compiled from PSP members, and much more, this step-by-step guide is designed to help parents navigate the sometimes challenging and time-consuming process of finding the right daycare for your family.
Guide to Finding and Securing a Preschool: The preschool landscape has undergone a dramatic change over the last decade in the Park Slope and surrounding areas—for the better! This is a guide to help you sift through the many options, navigate the system, and find a good preschool fit for your child.
Guide to Public School: Kindergarten Edition: The kindergarten application process can be daunting. Park Slope Parents is here to guide the way, with input from special guest and NYC school expert Joyce Szuflita—“the borough’s long-established doyenne of the business”—of NYC School Help.



PSP Guide to Raising Bilingual Children: The positive effects of bilingualism on all areas of life, from brainpower to academic and career success, have been well documented. If you've chosen to raise your child with more than one language, this guide—featuring insights from three speech and language professionals—is the perfect handbook to help you through each stage of the journey.
Guide to Transitions: Change is challenging—not just for little ones, but for their parents too. We’ve compiled the best wisdom culled from Park Slope Parents members over the years on overcoming separation anxiety, helping babies and kids adjust to new situations, and making big transitions as seamless as possible.


Nannies & Babysitters

Paying Your Employee in the Time of COVID-19: In this webinar, Jay Schulze from HomeWork Solutions addresses questions about how long to keep paying your nanny if they haven't been coming to work, how to navigate unemployment with your nanny if you haven't been paying them, and everything else you need to know about paying employees during the pandemic.
The Park Slope Parents Sample Nanny Work Agreement: This 10-page sample contract includes stipulations for every aspect of your working relationship with your nanny, plus additional annotations on things to think about when drafting your own agreement.
Guide to Occasional/Date Night Babysitters: Occasional sitters are for special occasions like nights out, weekend events, or infrequent school pick-ups. If you're in the market for an occasional sitter, this guide has the tools you need to handle the search process, monetary aspects, etiquette, and more!

Fun Stuff

Guide to a Memorable Birthday in the Time of Coronavirus: If your child's birthday plans have been stymied by the coronavirus quarantine, this guide has all the resources and ideas you need to put together a socially distanced yet awesome celebration.