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About Park Slope Parents

Park Slope Parents (PSP) is a community of 6,500+ families in Brooklyn, NY. For over 15 years PSP members have shared advice on everything from choosing childcare to camps, hairdressers to healthcare, and coping with teething, terrible twos, and tweens.

Eligibility to join is limited to parents and expectant parents who reside in Park Slope and surrounding neighborhoods.

Our Membership Benefits:

Discounts at more than 500+ local businesses (explore the full list here).

Advice/Community Group. The PSP Advice/Community group has all things parenting, community and urban living. Stay connected to the whole neighborhood through the PSP Advice/Community Group!

Classifieds Group. The PSP Classifieds group is our buy/sell/trade group that includes nanny posts, real estate posts, and teens for hire.

Our Pregnancy and Baby Groups.  Get help with other new parents going through what you're experiencing.  We've been helping new parents embark on the journey of parenthood for more than a decade.

Our Specialty Groups for online and in-person gatherings with people who share your interests. Groups include Stay at Home Moms, Cooking,  Gardening, Tweens, SDS (Separated/Divorced/Single) Parents, LGBTQ, bilingual groups and more.

Park Slope Parent Events. PSP holds over 300 events a year. View our calendar here

Career Help. Not only do we have a General Career Networking Group with over 2,000 work-minded people, we also have more than 20 career sub-groups (e.g., law group, fashion group, small business, fine arts, tech group, and many more).




Fill out eligibility information, sign up to our baby groups by due date/age of child, as well as career, bilingual, dads, working moms, stay at home parents, cooking, adoption, gardening, and many more special interest groups.


We will review your application within 24-36 hours. Once you have been approved, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to complete payment of annual dues. Annual dues support our organization in its mission and help cover our operational and administrative expenses.


Once payment has been completed you will receive a welcome notice with relevant info and invitations to sign you up to our private member only message boards. You'll start receiving messages from your groups of interest
We'll add you separately to our "largest" groups (Advice/Community & Classifieds) and pregnancy/baby groups. Give us 24-48 hours to get you signed up! You'll be added to those groups with the email associated with your membership account.  

NOTE:  PLEASE add to your safe senders and contact list to make sure you get our emails!  If you don't hear from us or have trouble applying, let us know at that address!



  • "PSP is up there for me with Amazon Prime, Instacart, my therapist, and wine: LIFE SAVERS!!"
  • "It is so helpful to hear other people's experiences rather than just googling things!"
  • "I’ve gotten a lot of emotional and practical support from this group over the years… you should know that the community has helped me in so many ways, and I’m super grateful for you and your work…You’ve managed to create a space where – from what I can tell – people feel licensed to show and be their best selves in the name of helping one another. It’s really wonderful. Thank you!"
  • "I need my PSP!"
  •  "I think PSP is the most amazing community and resource and has been invaluable to us while we've been living in Prospect Heights."
  • "I can see where a parent group maybe thought of as intimidating... holding yourself up to other parents parenting standards, but what is so great about a group as broad as PSP is that within that large community, you find people who fit your parenting style, and you make connections and friendships with people going through the same exact stage of life as you."
  • "I have found the Working Moms Group an invaluable resource about balancing the demands of family vs. career and I'm always inspired by the advice and discussion that is circulated."
  • "Joining my baby group put me in touch with a group of women who literally live in a 4 block radius (along with some pretty amazing women who live ages away, you know, South Slope), who had babies within days of me. Having this group to connect with in the early days made all the struggles of the unknown and the isolation so much easier to handle. Now two years later, I have made some of my closest friends through the group... we have created a support network that I am so grateful for."

Park Slope Parents also provides:

PSP has become instrumental to the Brooklyn community and has been featured in the NY Times, NPR, New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and other media.

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